minister kinga surma cancelled

the shady $650 million private spa giveaway yet?


but she should. here's why:

  • She's overseeing a secretive 95-year lease with Therme, hiding crucial details from Ontarians about the future of Ontario Place

  • Despite having almost 3 million visitors in 2022, Minister Surma pushes a narrative that Ontario Place is not enjoyed, paving the way for a private luxury spa that benefits a select few

Tell kinga surma: cancel the deal

watch this:


"It’s every government’s responsibility to ensure taxpayers dollars are being spent as effectively as possible. This isn’t something that should be affiliated with one single party; it should be the shared goal of all elected representatives, of all political stripes, at every level of government."

— Kinga Surma, 2019

A shady $650 million deal to build a private luxury spa that no one wants is not an effective way to spend taxpayer dollars.

Authorized by the CFO for the Ontario NDP